Louise Hill

Experience is really the best teacher and by practicing what I have learned I make sure the finished product is of the highest quality in resolution, color and composition. I will never grow tried of the beauty the State of Florida has to offer. Exploring it's picturesque vistas from my own outlook, I want to show and share it with the world.

I'm passionate about landscape photography and 3-D multimedia sculptures. The views right outside my front door are constant sources of inspiration: the ocean, the sky, clouds, sunsets, sunrises, trees and vegetation, and the architecture that coexists and interfaces with nature. In my work I stress colors, textures and a focus on details. I try to achieve a composition that invites the viewer to enter the scene and experience an emotional connection.


Michigan born and raised. College provided Louise with her first experience with the 35mm SLR camera, with the added excitement of dark room for developing. The various aspects of photography along with graphic design provided her with a wonderful learning opportunity in painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking. After graduation her love for all mediums lead her onto a mixed-media path but she soon discovered the frustration of depending on someone else to photograph finished 3-D designs. What started out as a necessity ended up becoming a passion.


Louise is obsessed with learning about cameras and processing.  Although she still does projects in mixed media she spends the majority time taking pictures and continued education from Online photography classes and by being out in the field.







        BFA Graphic Design, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan

        Continuing Education in photography, Lightroom and  Photoshop




        100% Pure Florida Fifth Ave Gallery- " Summer Creepin' In " & " Patterns In Perspective "

        Interwoven: Art Meets Nature- Juried show, Highfield Hall and Gardens, Falmouth, Mass-"Spin" teapot

        Camera USA 2017: National Photography Exhibition & Awards- Juried- Naples, Florida-"Odd Light Out"


         100% Pure Florida Fifth Ave Gallery "Crossroads " and "Abandoned "

          Viera Gallery " Crossroads" and " Abandoned "

          Viera Gallery Juried- " Last Night's Sunset "


        100% Pure Florida Fifith Ave Gallery

         Viera Gallery Juried- "Aproaching Storm"


         50th Founders Juried Awards Exhibition,  "Spin " teapot

         50th Founders Juried Awards Exhibition, "Upside Down Sized" teapot


         Teapot Redefined Premiere, Mobilia Gallery, "Upside Down Sized" teapot

         Teapot Redefined Preview, Mobilia Gallery, “ Spin ” teapot


         Teapot Redefined, Mobilia Gallery, “ Witch’s Brew ” teapot


         Canvas Project Vol 3 - by Art House Co-op, Brooklyn Art Library


         Celebrating Beads, Washington DC, “Worn Without Thorns”


         Diamaru Department Store - Shinsaibashi, Oaka Japan ( invitational )

         The Hakone Open-Air Museum, Hakone, Kanagawa Japan ( invitational )

         Matsuzakaya Department Store - Ginaz, Tokyo Japan ( invitational )

         One Year Touring, Treasures of Toho

         Bead Dreams, “Dancing Lady”


         Bead Dreams, “ Serendipity ”

         Bead Dreams, “ Vitrail Serenade ”


         Bead Dreams, “ Eyes of the Storms ”


         Bead Dreams, “ Bumblebee Blues ”


         Bead Dreams, “ Strawberry Dress ”





         100% Pure Florida Fifth Ave Gallery " Summer Creepin' In " Merit Award


         100% Pure Florida Fifth Ave Gallery " Harmony " Merit Award


         Best of America Jewelry Artists, “ Upsy Daisy ”

         Best of America Jewelry Artists, “ Dancing Lady ”


         2nd Place, Celebrating Beads - Washington DC, USA

         Tied People’s Choice, Celebrating Beads - Washington DC, USA

         Best Use of Shape, Celebrating Beads - Washington DC, USA


         Best of America Jewelry Artists, “ Vitrail Serenade ”

         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Dancing Lady ”

         Finalist, Beadwork Magazine - Beaded Bag Competition


        1st Place, Bead Arts Awards International Competition

         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Serendipity ”

         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Vitrail Serenade ”

         Honorable Mention, Best of Florida

         Finalist, Fire Mountain Gems


         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Eyes of the Storms ”


         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Bumblebee Blues ”


         Finalist, Bead Dreams, “ Strawberry Dress ”




         Book, Showcase 500 Beaded Jewelry by Lark


         Book, Rachel Nelson-Smith’s Bead Riffs

         Book, Beading Across America: Jewelry Inspiration from Coast-Coast


         Book, The Canvas Project Vol. 3: Encyclopedia of Artwork

         Book, Best of America Jewelry Artists Vol. II


         Calendar, The Woven Bead 2010


         Calendar, The Woven Bead 2009


         Book, Graphic Crafts Artist ‘07 - Japanese Publication

         Magazine, Bead and Button, October Issue

         Book, Best of America Jewelry Artists & Artisans Vol. 1

         Book, Photographing Art, Crafts & Collectibles by Steve Meltzer


         Magazine, Jewelry Arts & Lapidary Journal

         Special Issue Magazine - Haute Handbags, “Strawberry Dress”

         Book, Best of Artist Book Series, Florida

         Magazine, Bead and Button - Bead Dreams

         Magazine, Bead Arts Awards, Step by Step Beads 2006

         Magazine, Crafts Report


         Special Issue Magazine, Bead Dreams Exhibit of Work


         Special Issue Magazine, Bead Dreams Exhibit of Work

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